Flamingo mobile

I do get an urge to make random things like a flamingo mobile! I had great fun making this and think I will give it a home in my spare room, I can’t part with it.


I have more flamingos made up that I might add on to it just because they are so cute. Shame everyone is having baby boys around me or it would have been a nice handmade gift. Fabric is Dashwood cuckoos calling I think.



..totally gets in the way of sewing and creativity. When I was 49 life was sweet. Doing fad diets, embarking on ridiculous fitness regimes was all the norm. FFWD to 50 and the bottom has dropped out of my world. Everything aches, everything it is not even funny anymore. Everything is effort. Going to my sewing room is a mission but once I am there it is bliss. Tonight I went to look at some fabric and my Go Baby fabric cutter. I ended up cutting two boy baby quilts , which is handy as i need two. I cut uneven 9 patch pieces in brushed cotton , pics to follow!